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  • High Power H Series Lead Acid Battery (2V1200Ah)
    High Power H Series Lead Acid Battery (2V1200Ah)
  • Front Terminal Lead Acid Battery (12V150Ah)
    Front Terminal Lead Acid Battery (12V150Ah)
  • Front Terminal Lead Acid Battery (12V120Ah)
    Front Terminal Lead Acid Battery (12V120Ah)
  • Front Terminal Lead Acid Battery (12V50Ah)
    Front Terminal Lead Acid Battery (12V50Ah)
  • High Temperature Lead Acid Battery (2V650Ah)
    High Temperature Lead Acid Battery (2V650Ah)
  • High Temperature Lead Acid Battery (2V500Ah)
    High Temperature Lead Acid Battery (2V500Ah)
  • High Temperature Lead Acid Battery (2V400Ah)
    High Temperature Lead Acid Battery (2V400Ah)
  • Telecom T Series Lead Acid Battery (2V400Ah)
    Telecom T Series Lead Acid Battery (2V400Ah)
  • Telecom T Series Lead Acid Battery (2V300Ah)
    Telecom T Series Lead Acid Battery (2V300Ah)
  • Online Expansion Of Lithium Ion Battery
    Online Expansion Of Lithium Ion Battery


WOLONG ELECTRIC GROUP ZHEJIANG DENGTA POWER SOURCE CO.,LTD. has more than 60 years history of battery production. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sales of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. Its products include communication backup batteries, energy storage batteries, UPS batteries, starting batteries, energy storage system , cloud platform monitoring system, etc. Adhering to the management concept of [technology to strengthen enterprises", we constantly rely on scientific and technological progress to pursue the sustainable development of enterprises. Introducing advanced international battery manufacturing technology, and establishing long-term and stable production, learning and research cooperation with Harbin University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of technology and other scientific research institutes, employing well-known academician experts at home and abroad as technical consultants, undertaking a number of national (province) level scientific research projects, with colloid battery, high-power battery, Lithium Ion Battery, deep circulation battery, cloud platform monitoring Lithium Battery System, container energy storage system and other core technologies and more than 100 patents.With the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, UL and CE, it is one of the drafting units of national standards and communication industry standards for lead-acid batteries, as well as the deputy director unit of lead-acid battery industry in China. The company practices the development policy of [industry serves the country and concentrates on green energy", focuses on transformation and upgrading, actively participates in the information construction of various industries promoted by the state, and has a full range of energy solution for infrastructure such as communication network, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and Internet of things to provide solid green energy security, Today, with the rapid development of information technology, Wolong Dengta will rely on scientific and technological innovation to speed up the pace of "structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading" and strive to become a leader in power system solutions in the industry, the company will provide customers with more high-quality, reliable, flexible and efficient green energy solutions, continuously create greater value for customers, work hand in hand with customers and create a win-win future!
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    We Were Established In 2002.
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    Our Factory Have More Than 200 Employees.
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    More Than 50000 Square Meters Technical R&D Building.
  • In mid-September, news came from the Shaoxing Science and Technology Bureau: The 2020 Shaoxing Science and Technology Plan Special Project "Lithium-ion battery power system for 5G micro-stations supporting online expansion" (hereinafter referred to as "5G micro-site lithium battery") recently officially passed the review of the project mission statement, which marked the successful establishment of the project, a breakthrough in the online expansion strategy and a sound reflection of various mechanisms of intelligent BMS and battery monitoring systems. According to data, my country's 5G information transmission technology is at the forefront of the world and is China's advanced technology business card. According to the 5G construction plan of the three major operators, my country will enter a large-scale construction period of 5G base stations from 2020, and there will also be a huge demand for backup power. Since the company`s lithium-ion battery products were put into production in 2010, it has been mainly engaged in the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries for communication base stations. It has formed a 48V (10Ah-100 Ah) series of integrated communication back-up lithium-ion batteries, which have been successfully commercialized in China Foreign telecommunications operators and power equipment manufacturers have been recognized by customers. Based on the market prospects of the backup power supply for 5G base stations and the company's industry accumulation in related fields, it is urgent to develop a 5G efficient and safe backup power supply system that supports online expansion. With the changes in people`s lifestyles, fields such as the Internet of Things, smart transportation, and smart cities all have urgent needs for 5G communication technology, and the successful implementation of these fields must be based on the uninterrup
    2020-09 26
  • In July this year, Wolong lithium battery technical team developed the model WL48-40FT09-5G lithium battery product, which successfully passed the IP65 waterproof test certified by the TUV testing agency and obtained the qualification certificate. A new customer in Thailand also expressed their satisfaction with Wolong Dengta's lithium battery products, and may achieve long-term friendly cooperation in the future. With the development of the 5G era, the demand for 5G batteries at home and abroad is also showing an upward trend. While market competition is fierce, strict control of the quality of battery products will be more conducive to our products in the domestic and foreign markets. Because the working environment of 5G batteries needs to be exposed to the outdoors for a long time, the requirements for the quality and sealing of the battery case are extremely strict, and a slight carelessness in the process details will reduce the battery life and even dangerous situations. On the other hand, the sheet metal case for 5G batteries has successfully achieved waterproof performance, which is also an important breakthrough in lighthouse lithium battery technology. Carrying out multiple certifications on products is the responsibility of Wolong people for the products, for the customers, and for the future development of the company. We firmly believe that only by continuous innovation and focus on research and development, Wolong products will advance with the times and be at the forefront of the times.
    2020-08 22
  • On July 25, the 2020 semi-annual business meeting of Wolong Electric Group Zhejiang Dengta Power Source Co., Ltd. was grandly held. Nearly 100 members of the business team of the power company, heads of various departments, workshop directors and all sales personnel participated in this meeting. Mr. Han Lixin, Vice President of Marketing of Power Supply Company, presided over the meeting. The meeting site made a work report with the theme of "Concentrating on Breakthrough, Going Against the Trend to Guarantee Scale", summarizing and reviewing the first half of the year's business operations, and studying and deploying tasks and goals for the second half of the year. The directors and salesmen who performed outstandingly in the first half of the year were commended at the conference site. In the first half of 2020, in the face of the impact and challenges of the epidemic, our sales team upholds the "four thousand" spirit of Wolong, and actively creates a marketing atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up, and surpassing", with a strong sense of crisis and mission. With one heart and one mind, we have made many gratifying results in market performance, which has injected us more confidence and motivation. The speech of General Manager Zhao Lisong pointed out the direction for the company's work in the second half of the year, drew a blueprint, and further strengthened our confidence in accomplishing various business goals and tasks in 2020. Staff at all levels should be guided by the spirit of the general manager`s speech. Understand and implement it at various levels, with firm conviction and high morale, devote to various business work in the second half of the year, and do our best to complete the 2020 full-year budget and vari
    2020-07 28
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